Saturday, 24 July 2010

Current Favourite Products - Gosh Professional Salt of Mine spray

I love Summer hair, I've had very long naturally wavy hair since I was young, and I am daily thankful for the invention of ghd's, without which I would have spent the noughties in a ball of frizz. However all that styling takes a lot of effort, so every summer I really enjoy being able to let my hair dry naturally with a bit of product and scrunching.
Now my favourite way of doing this would be to allow it to dry post surfing with real salt water in it, preferably in the South of France, Biarritz to be exact, however life is cruel and I live up in the grim north of England, well it's not that grim... but you get the idea.
Anyway... I was having a rummage around Superdrug a few months ago and found this and thought I'd give it a whirl.
I like it, I spray it on after washing and putting a small amount of serum on the ends of my hair and leave my hair to dry giving the odd scrunch of blast with a hairdryer if i'm in a rush. It stop my hair being too fluffy, but gives it volume and a nice matte finish and enhances my waves.
It comes in two strengths, normal and 'X-tra Strong' I plumped for the latter 'cause I've got a lot of hair. I payed £3 in superdrug for it. Bargain.

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