Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wish List - Chanel

As a woman, I make lists, lists of EVERYTHING and i'm pretty sure you do to; what to buy, what to eat, where to go, what to do, people to punch in the face for being too annoying... anyway I digress.

Current items topping my wish list:

1)Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle

I've been lusting after this for a while now, and the one time I attemped to buy it from duty free on holiday, they had sold out, I had a proper sulk!
Anyhoo I don't even know if its the best colour for me, so I really should go and try a few out before I purchase, Teheran also looks nice, ooh and Paris. But whichever I end up with I love the idea of whipping out a Chanel Lippie in public, I think it just seems so grown up and chic, which brings me onto number 2;

2)Chanel Powder Compact
Now i'm not sure which one of these I'm after yet but along with pulling out my Chanel lippie, I obviously need a compact to go with it!
I like this one:

Which is a highlighting powder.
I also like this one:

Especially because it comes with a brush, and generally speaking I don't think i'm organised enough to take a brush with me everywhere, especially as a separate brush would blatantly end up encrusted in the kind of detritus that loves in the bottom of my handbag; y'know the stuff, bits of polos, biscuit crumbs, screwed up recipts, half a paracetamol.... anyway..
I haven't seen any reviews for either of these products, i've basically just been sucked in by the channel logo, so if anyone has any experience with any of these products please let me know how you got on.

Hmm I think thats it for now, oh maybe a big bottle of Chanel Chance too, I used to wear it when it first came out but then moved on, I quite fancy giving it a go again now I think about it.


So I wasn't meant to go near any shops today really, but I had to walk past some to get to the dentist... well anyway thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

Anyway, I popped in Poundland of all places to pick up some stuff like mouthwash etc. and I was rummaging through the make up when I happened upon these little beauties:

A great thing about Poundland, other than everythings a pound, is that all the make up comes sealed in little baggies, which is a pain to try and see what colour the item is and what brand, but you know that no glue huffing cold sore ridded teenager has had there grimy little fingers in your slap.

Now Revlon Nude Chic has been on my wish list for a while, so I can't believe I managed to get it for a pound! I've already got it on. Application is pretty good, it's only the second Revlon polish I have, I also have tropical temptation. Now I do find them a little on the thin side but I like that, I'd rather do three really thin coats and two big gloopy thick ones that bubble and take ages to dry.

My second find was the eye shadow set, also Revlon called Soft on eyes in Sub Lime, and I'm guessing it's a discontinued one as I've never seen it in the shops before, it's got four colours, a super soft brush and a really good mirror. I was worried with them being loose powders that the minute I opened it i'd have a big powdery mess on my hands but it's got a clver little foldy bit that stops that from happening.
The colours look a lot scarier in the compact than on, I'm loving that they are loose powders cause it makes them super blend able. I'll swatch these and maybe do a FOTD as soon as i've got my camera sorted.

So all in all, pretty good finds for two quid!

I have a confession to make.... I watch QVC

Ok, so I know it's retarded but I watch QVC...
When I'm bored or flicking through the channels or the adverts are on, I always have a look at what they're flogging, I blame my mother she's hooked on it.

So anyway I was watching the other day and I fell in love with this ring

Now I didn't buy it cause I can't really justify spending in the region of eighty quid on a ring for myself for no reason.... but isn't it sooooo pretty?

But, here comes confession number two... I have bought stuff off QVC before; mainly Leighton Denny and Nails Inc. they have really good offers especially the TSV's (thats Todays Special Value for those not in the know, oh my god I really need to get out more)

So to summarise;
I'm a massive geek, unless anyone else wants to fess up to QVC being their dirty little shopping habit too?
QVC do sell pretty things not just tatt your nan might like.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Current Favourite Products - Gosh Professional Salt of Mine spray

I love Summer hair, I've had very long naturally wavy hair since I was young, and I am daily thankful for the invention of ghd's, without which I would have spent the noughties in a ball of frizz. However all that styling takes a lot of effort, so every summer I really enjoy being able to let my hair dry naturally with a bit of product and scrunching.
Now my favourite way of doing this would be to allow it to dry post surfing with real salt water in it, preferably in the South of France, Biarritz to be exact, however life is cruel and I live up in the grim north of England, well it's not that grim... but you get the idea.
Anyway... I was having a rummage around Superdrug a few months ago and found this and thought I'd give it a whirl.
I like it, I spray it on after washing and putting a small amount of serum on the ends of my hair and leave my hair to dry giving the odd scrunch of blast with a hairdryer if i'm in a rush. It stop my hair being too fluffy, but gives it volume and a nice matte finish and enhances my waves.
It comes in two strengths, normal and 'X-tra Strong' I plumped for the latter 'cause I've got a lot of hair. I payed £3 in superdrug for it. Bargain.

Current Favourite Products - MAC MSF Comfort

Rather a dull series of posts to start with I know, but here's the first in a run down of what i'm currently using and loving at the moment-

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Comfort

I blame the blogoshere for my burgeoning MAC obsession, and this was my most recent purchase, I picked it up at my local Cosmetic Company Outlet shop.

I'd heard a lot about these as highlighters, both online and from friends,so I was keen to get my grubby little hands on one!
It looks really dark in the pan but goes on lovely and light and shimmery... i'm thrilled with it in case you hadn't guessed ha ha

It gives a lovely all over glow, not full on shimmery, when applied with a large brush, and is nice for those days when I don't want to wear a lot of face make up, applied over tinted moisturiser it gives a glow and a bit of a lift to my face.
I also apply it just on the cheekbone and browbrone when wearing over makeup, or as a blush.

It looks good with a tan but is probably too dark for winter so i'll probably try and pick up another MSF for my slightly paler winter skin. I can't think of anything worse than those people you see walking round with a full on (fake) glow in the middle of December.
Bearing this in mind it probably wouldn't suit very fair skins and was probably why it was available in CCO, I have slightly yellow toned skin with a slight tan and I need to use a light hand with it.

All in all I think this was a good buy, I paid £13.75 for it in CCO but they are still retailing at full price (£19.50) online at mac

Sorry for the stock image from MAC online by the way, i'm still getting the hang of this blogging malarky and need to dig out my camera

Just another beauty blog...

So here goes...

I've been reading beauty blogs for quite some time now, as a long term make up obsessive and magazine reader i've found them addictive, and thought for a while about starting my own.
However in an area over saturated by twenty something shopaholic make up fetishists what can I offer that's different...?

The answer is i'm not sure but i'll try and find out, so stick with me i'm new at this...

Blah x