Wednesday, 28 July 2010


So I wasn't meant to go near any shops today really, but I had to walk past some to get to the dentist... well anyway thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

Anyway, I popped in Poundland of all places to pick up some stuff like mouthwash etc. and I was rummaging through the make up when I happened upon these little beauties:

A great thing about Poundland, other than everythings a pound, is that all the make up comes sealed in little baggies, which is a pain to try and see what colour the item is and what brand, but you know that no glue huffing cold sore ridded teenager has had there grimy little fingers in your slap.

Now Revlon Nude Chic has been on my wish list for a while, so I can't believe I managed to get it for a pound! I've already got it on. Application is pretty good, it's only the second Revlon polish I have, I also have tropical temptation. Now I do find them a little on the thin side but I like that, I'd rather do three really thin coats and two big gloopy thick ones that bubble and take ages to dry.

My second find was the eye shadow set, also Revlon called Soft on eyes in Sub Lime, and I'm guessing it's a discontinued one as I've never seen it in the shops before, it's got four colours, a super soft brush and a really good mirror. I was worried with them being loose powders that the minute I opened it i'd have a big powdery mess on my hands but it's got a clver little foldy bit that stops that from happening.
The colours look a lot scarier in the compact than on, I'm loving that they are loose powders cause it makes them super blend able. I'll swatch these and maybe do a FOTD as soon as i've got my camera sorted.

So all in all, pretty good finds for two quid!

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