Wednesday, 11 August 2010

MAC Lipstick

MAC lipsticks are my new obsession, I blame my friend who on a recent visit unveiled her recent collection of about five or six of the little beauties, she had nudes, red, pinks, neons, different finishes... so now I can't seem to go to my local CCO without picking one up, So I only have two but I'm lusting after more, definitely a red for winter, but think I may go to a MAC counter for this to get some advice for the right one for my skin tone, as I've never actually worn a red lip.
I love the smell of them, which I know sounds mental but I love the vanilla-y smell, and the slight stickyness and obviously there lasting power versus others brands I own, such as Benefit, Clinique and Rimmel etc.

My first one is Empowered:

On the MAC Pro store it's described as a creamy mid toned brown and it's a satin finish.

I love it because I find it hard to find a nude colour that suits as my lips are quite naturally dark reddish even though my skin is quite fair but tanned so I love this as it blots out all the red tones of my lips and leave then a lovely soft brown, now I know people will be eugh brown lipstick,and it's not for everyone but i'm very happy with it. And apparently brown lips are a autumn winter trend so there you go... ha ha

The second on I picked up is called Myself:

On the MAC Pro store it's described as a Light dirty mauve with travelling pearl and it's a lustre finish.
Now had I seen it described as this there is no way I would have picked it up, the word 'pearl' makes you feel dirty doesn't it and conjures up images of your first 17 lipstick from boots; however it's nothing like this, it's a lovely sheer slightly shimmery glossy finish that's quite build-able and gives a lovely glossy nude finish to my lips.
It looks lovely layered over one coat of Empowered blotted down then this applied on top to give a really glossy nude lip. I think it would alos look good over some of my other lipsticks and stains.

I paid £8.75 each for them which I think is pretty good.
Both were I believe limited edition from the MAC 2010 All ages,all races, all sexes collection.
They also had the personal style blush, from the same collection, but when I went back it had sold out so I was disappointed, so the moral is with the Cosmetic Company Outlet Stores if you see something you love BUY IT or you could be really disappointed when you go back.

(Images from MAC Pro)

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