Friday, 13 August 2010

I need this is my life: Urban Decay Naked Palette

How beautiful is this:

(Image from

Now the blogosphere is full of posts on this but I couldn't not comment, I'm in love with it, I've tried bright eye colours, but I tend to stick to neutrals, taupes and smoky looks. So despite being very tempted I hung back and didn't purchase the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette and I'm glad I didn't as I can now justify, just about, shelling out £27 for it when it's released exclusively in House of Fraser on the 23rd of August. Now the price does make me cringe a bit, but there is twelve eyeshadows, two eye pencils and a small primer potion, so it's pretty good value when you break it down like that... I think, well i've done a pretty good job of convincing myself anyway!

Check out for swatches and a review.

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